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History Of Pizza

PIZZA is a word that brings out tons of excitement and eagerness to a lot of people around the world. We have been fortunate enough to live in an age where we could enjoy the best pizza dishes and the innovation that comes along with it. Everywhere you turn there is a pizza joint or a cafe that serves some of the best products ever. But has it ever crossed your mind as to where and when the idea of pizza was formed and how it has become the global phenomenon that it is now? In this blog, we will see how the idea of pizza was conceived and the circumstances from which it was created. Trust us, you will be surprised.


It is a well-known fact that the pizza was found in Italy and Italians were the ones who made it famous through their innovative beginnings. But years before the actual pizza was found, there were traces of similar pizza-like dishes to be present throughout the history of the world.

The most recurring one was the flatbread with a tomato sauce as the topping, which has been a part of the poor for a very long time. Some say that the inspiration of the pizza came from this as a part of improvising the quality of the food for the poor. It was very late during the 16th century that the term Pizza was referred to. It was a galette flatbread with some tomatoes, oil, and some fish. Till then it was referred to as the food of the poor.

In 1843 Alexander Dumas, the famous author of the novel “The Three Musketeers” diversified the toppings of the pizza with numerous varieties of ingredients being added to it.

And finally in 1889 to impress the Queen of Italy at that time Margherita of Savoy, an Italian pizza maker Raffaele Esposito created a pizza with the topping of tomatoes, Mozzarella, and basil to represent the national flag of Italy eventually naming it as what we know nowadays as Pizza Margherita. The rest as we say is history.

The rise in the Food Industry

After the hit that was the Margherita, Pizza evolved into a bread and tomato dish which was served with cheese. However, there was one point in the 19th century that the dish was served sweeter than how it was supposed to be, a savoury dish. This eventually evolved into something similar which we are having nowadays.

Pizza became a global phenomenon when it started to expand through the countries. The major tipping point for the pizza was during World War I where the Italian soldiers had pizza as their staple food throughout which became a sensation in the allied countries. As the number of pizza lovers started to increase, the number of pizza aficionados also started to increase which provided newer ideas and toppings. Mainly through the introduction of meats like chicken, Beef, Ham and Lamb. Newer cheese and sauces were also introduced at this time which just made people love Pizza even more. Soon Pizza became the number one fast food in the whole world and has been retaining its position at the top of the mountain even now.

Modern Pizza and Pizza joints

Modern Pizza is something which is an evolved form of the older days’ Pizza. Different combinations and playing with different ingredients is one of the top-notch things which are happening in the Pizza world today. Many countries have added their traditional taste to their pizza, For eg: the introduction of dates in the Middle Eastern countries, the introduction of Pineapple in places like Hawaii (which has become a global phenomenon, to say the least) and having different bases besides the usual pizza dough, like in India where Roti or Naan bread have been used as the base.

There are also places which stay true to the Italian tradition in these countries as well. In places like the UK, the USA, and Australia, few places stay true to the traditional method of making a Pizza.

In Australia, Sinatras Pizza and Pasta is one such Pizza cafe which is currently located at 969A Albany Highway, Perth. This place is one of the few places in Australia which stay true to the classic way of Pizza making with their innovations being showcased in the way of adding newer ingredients that not a lot of places dare to make. Dessert Pizzas became a huge trend after being showcased right here at Sinatras, making them stand out uniquely. Name another place that serves different dessert pizzas? We’ll wait.

That being said, Pizzas are food which is one of a kind. The effect that they’ve had on the tastebuds of the people and being on top throughout time is something that not a lot of other fast foods can boast about. And remember, the Earth is 2 million years old and you were born in a time when Pizzas were present! Now embrace that thought with a pizza in your hand, we assure you the bite that you’re going to take is going to be blissful. Cheers!

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